Norton safe search is installed on the computer’s Internet browser. It allows a index user to determine if a website is secure before clicking on it. This allows them to avoid sites that may potentially contain malicious software or viruses that could harm their computer or personal data. Norton safe search is part of the Norton security range of products from Symantec.

This software application is a free web safety tool that allows users to avoid harmful websites as well as keep their online identity safe. It uses Norton Safe Web to rate websites according to their safety level. It also alerts users about dangerous sites that could contain fraudulent phishing scams as well as other high-risk malware. It is an extension for the browsers Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

It makes use of a combination of signature-based data file scanning in conjunction with behavioral detection, the ability to inspect and install websites. It additionally utilizes the guidelines of 20 million Norton community watch endpoints to rank websites in accordance with their risk. It also includes an advanced crawler that searches the Internet for new and old websites in real-time.

It is very easy to install. The user must open a browser and then go to the extension manager to start. Once they have completed this, he/ she can simply choose the Norton Safe Search option and it will be displayed in the search results.