A managed security service is the process of contracting a third-party to monitor and manage a company’s cybersecurity systems. It may include monitoring and updating security policies, coordinating firewalls and intrusion detection as well as overseeing patch management and conducting regular security checks. It can also include responding to incidents and threats. It is not to be confused with the term security operations center (SOC) which is an in-house team that monitors and responds to cyber attacks in real-time.

An MSSP is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time cybersecurity professional for your company. This is particularly applicable to smaller companies, like dental or medical practices or attorneys. MSSPs also have the ability to help government entities consolidate security services, meet compliance needs and limit risk.

The most trusted managed security services can guard your business from sophisticated and sophisticated cyber threats by monitoring network activity, identifying unauthorised behavior and anomalies, as well as deploying multi-layered threat intelligence. They can also help your company build or improve security measures and provide eyes-on glass support to study cyber alerts and respond to incidents based on your particular security goals.

When selecting an MSSP be sure to consider their prices and the services they provide. Find out about their customer reviews, accreditations, and the number of employees they employ internally. Take into consideration if the MSSP can analyze data and detect advanced threats with no prior knowledge of their behavior. This is accomplished by establishing a baseline for normal user behavior and comparing it to the latest actions.

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