Most antivirus programs operate on two pillars They scan files when they are added to the system in order to identify their signatures or they scan programs already running and identify suspicious behavior. Some provide additional protections like blocking messages from spammers, or warning of suspicious websites. The most effective Android antivirus apps don’t slow down the phone with excessive scanning or battery drain.

As the most well-known mobile operating system, the majority malware targets Android devices. It is therefore crucial to choose the best antivirus software on Android. This can clean up viruses and Trojans as well as infected SD Cards. There are plenty of free and premium options available which won’t hinder the performance or battery life of your device.

Norton is a name you’ll most likely recognize as a trustworthy security company and the company’s flagship Mac antivirus program is a well-known option. It gets top marks from independent testing labs for its anti-malware capabilities, and can be used to run a wide range of tests on your system, from the detection of browser hijacking scripts through to detection of ransomware.

Avira’s Android antivirus app is a great example of a fantastic free alternative, which is backed by ads but can be bought as an annual subscription to eliminate them. It scored full marks in AV Test’s tests and also a high 99.9 percent score from AV-Comparatives and has a variety of additional features. It includes a ‘Permissions Manager which evaluates every app’s permission requirements based on a scale to assist you in making informed choices about what you trust with your privacy and identity protection as well as a myriad of anti-theft tools.