Data antivirus detects malicious software, also referred to as malware, and then removes it from your laptops and computers. The malicious software is created to damage your device and take information. It could be in the form of an email attachment, USB drive or dodgy website, malware may infiltrate your computer without knowing.

Malware is usually hidden in files that your antivirus software recognises as harmful, and many antivirus programs employ three methods to detect it such as specific detection, searching for virus signatures (unique sequences of bytes which identify the malware) and generic detection, which looks for the malicious components found in other viruses; and heuristic detection, which analyses suspicious file structures. The best antivirus programs combine these methods to protect you against numerous threats.

G DATA combines all of these features with others, such as parental control, which restricts kids’ internet use and banking security that protects hackers from getting access to banking or shopping details online cloud backup, which stores encrypted files on servers, and not on your device; and iOS security, which checks apps for harmful content. It also has a firewall that monitors the incoming data as well as outgoing data. A phishing blocker can stop criminals from accessing data via sites controlled by them.

G DATA has an excellent real-world protection score, meaning it’s very unlikely to mistake normal files as malicious ones, and will have a minimal impact on the device’s performance, which means it won’t consume a lot of your computer’s resources. The price ranges from $40 per year for what is the best internet security system one device up to $72 for five devices.