Many websites track your online behavior and use this information to create your profile even when you’re only browsing. You don’t have to allow companies to track you, as the avast premium program can help you block tracking cookies and conceal your digital fingerprint.

Avast’s anti-tracking system employs a range of glasses to identify trackers and stop them. It is able to detect your computer’s fingerprint using the hardware (screen resolutions RAM, CPU and screen resolutions) and software (OS, plugins and browsers) and other aspects like your time zone. It will then be able to identify and disable tracking cookies from certain websites based on this information. It can also protect DNS traffic between your Avast-protected device and the website you’re browsing, which helps to prevent hackers from stealing your login information and redirecting you into their fake site.

The program also has the ability to periodically cleanse your device’s data. It can also detect, block, and remove ransomware, malware, ads. It can also spot vulnerabilities in software, such as unsafe passwords and settings, suspicious add-ons, and outdated applications. It also can send suspicious files automatically to the cloud to be analyzed. This will trigger a cure for all Avast users whenever it detects a threat.

Avast offers free antivirus and a 30-day money-back promise however, its paid versions are more thorough. The plans for business users are, for instance, able to provide more flexibility and cover up to 999 devices. The home users includes the VPN and other security features for a reasonable price.

avast antitrack premium